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TraffickWatch Academy : United States

TraffickWatch Academy is your opportunity to learn the facts about and gain certification in the fight against human trafficking on a local and global scale.

Education is one of the most powerful and crucial weapons in the fight for freedom. Whether you are a law enforcement officer or an everyday activist, you'll gain education through two free 20-minute modules full of facts, stories, and action steps.


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Prevention helps people stay out of slavery. Human trafficking prevention typically involves programs like education, community development, building public awareness, rights advocacy, and economic development.


Intervention helps those currently trapped in slavery. Human trafficking intervention includes activities such as conducting investigations, supporting law enforcement, developing and sharing technology to fight trafficking, and supporting rescue operations and arrests.

Survivor Care

A restoration process is necessary once survivors are freed. Aftercare for survivors of human trafficking usually includes trauma-informed medical care and counseling, job skills, education, and legal advocacy aimed towards helping survivors re-integrate into their lives and communities.

Three Ways to Fight Human Trafficking
Three Ways to Fight Human Trafficking
Three Ways to Fight Human Trafficking
Report a tip


Survivors of trafficking are often experiencing poverty, mental illness, lack of family, instability, neglect or abuse, little support, or social isolation. Simple acts of kindness and connection can make all the difference in helping victims and preventing their exploitation.

If you see someone in danger.

Witnessing a situation that seems suspicious or dangerous can feel frightening and confusing. It may not be safe for you to physically intervene, but there are things you can do to help:

Do not attempt a rescue unless you are trained to do so.

Safely gather key details. Take notes and photos. Write a description of the victim and possible trafficker, vehicle brand, model, color. Contact 911 or your local police.

Suspect human trafficking?

National Human Trafficking Hotline

Call 1-888-373-7888 Text 233733

Fill out an Online Trafficking Report.

Report something suspicious

ICE Tip Line (U.S. Department of Homeland Security)

Call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE from the U.S. and Canada.
Call 802-872-6199 from other locations around the globe.

Fill out an HSI Tip Form online.

Help The Vulnerable

Volunteer at your local teen center. Consider mentoring troubled teens, especially those aging out of the foster care system. You can do this through organizations such as the Boys and Girls Clubs.

Consider foster care. This is a significant opportunity to radically impact a vulnerable teen in your home town. Get started at

Volunteer or support services for the homeless in your community, especially women. Find a shelter near you at Serve vulnerable populations, such as refugees, immigrants, LGBTQ youth, foster children, those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, and those who are impoverished.

Get involved connecting with and serving vulnerable populations: such as refugees, immigrants, LGBTQ youth, foster children, those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions and the poor.

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Buy Ethically

Buying Ethically

Leverage your power as a consumer in support of ethical companies & products

buy less

Choose to own less, buy locally made products, and opt for consignment when possible. 

ethical coffee

Commit to only buying fair trade coffee or chocolate (or both!).


Buy birthday presents that are ethically sourced or directly support vulnerable people.

shop ethically

Find and use apps that allow you to see the likelihood of slave labor in the products you buy.


Research the companies you love. If you find that they are not utilizing ethical practices, let them and others know. 

fair trade products

If you are shopping and see two options for the same product and one is fair trade, choose to buy it. 

Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the world you want.

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Join Your Community

Find the people and organizations active in your community and join them.

Find HT Taskforces or nonprofits active in your community (or a nearby city), and attend their meetings, volunteer, learn, and give financially to their work.

Find a counter-trafficking nonprofit, research their work and organization, and then launch a fundraiser for them. Consider giving up your birthday or doing something creative to raise money and impact.

Host an awareness event in your community. Gather your friends, family, schools, business, or networks and let them know about modern slavery. (We at The Exodus Road have resources we can send you to make it easy!)

Fight trafficking online

Share and TraffickWatch Academy with your online community. Start conversations about what you learned.

Follow anti-trafficking organizations on social media to stay informed, and then commit to re-posting or sharing relevant articles about the issue.

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Give Financially

Donate to help fight human trafficking

TraffickWatch is a project created by The Exodus Road to create awareness, inspire engagement, and provide actionable steps to fight modern slavery.

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